Belated -10 Months

Dear Jackson,
Happy 10 Month Birthday baby boy!!! For some reason as I write this I find myself tearing up, you are growing up so fast and I just want to cherish every minute! Let me tell you what you have been up to...
  • You are crawling around like crazy and you are in to EVERYTHING! You are also standing up and walking while holding on to the couch etc. You are very proud of yourself!
  • You still have no teeth
  • You "talk" all the time! Most of the time you say ma, da, na and ga but you are starting to try and say more and more things like moooo when we talk about cows! Oh and you do say hi in a very high pitched voice. Daddy laughs because a lot of your time you spend following me around saying ma, ma, ma........MOM!
  • Unfortunately you have spent most of the last month sick with little viruses, but you are a trooper and you keep smiling and laughing through it all. It has made you a snuggle bug though and now I can't get you to sleep in your crib because you have been in bed with us so I can keep my eye on you while you were sick!
  • You LOVE daddy's helicopter and every time he flies it you get so excited! Daddy is very excited for you two to have that hobby together someday soon!
  • You LOVE lady and she adores you! You stand at the baby gate and yell if she is on the other side, you feed her your puffs and lay your head on her when she is next to you!
  • You still won't eat veggies much, I sneak them in when I can. You still eat lots of fruit and puffs are your new absolute favorite. The only real big boy food you like is chicken and noodles especially from Bob Evans! Daddy gave you vanilla ice cream when you were sick and you loved that! Oh and water out of a big boy cup is pretty cool to you too!
  • You are very good at shopping with mommy and you like going out to eat and sitting in the high chair. We never go anywhere without someone commenting on your red hair and how adorable you are! We think you might be the cutest baby EVER but then again we are a little biased!

This is just a small sample of the things that you do to make mommy and daddy smile. We love you so much and get excited about your future and all of the fun things we are going to do as you get older and we can't wait to see the kind of boy and man you will become! The sky is the limit for you and that is so exciting, just know we are right behind you in whatever you do!

I love you higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean and that NEVER ends!!!!



Too Many Hats said...

No teeth!? Wow, that is surprising. He is certainly super adorable.

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