What if the three wise men were women?

My mom and I noticed this posted in the kitchen at Church...PERFECT!!

What if the three wise men were women?

They would have asked directions
Arrived on time
Helped deliver the baby
Cleaned the stable
Made a casserole
Brought practical gifts, and there would be peace on earth."

Also here is a little preview of the birthday bash!  More to come!!

I am having problems with the layout of my blog as you have probably noticed so I am not blogging too much!  My wonderful hubby bought me a new blog design and I am just waiting, I have a month or so to go on the waiting list at http://www.onceuponablog.org/ .  YEAH!  Once I get my new design and everything fixed I will be back in full force!  I hope you will stick around my 12 followers!!

Merry Almost Christmas!!

It's begining to feel a lot like Christmas!!

Almost ready!! How about you??