Formula Feeding: Tips, Tricks and Products

I am finally getting around to second post in my formula feeding series! Hopefully you read the first post if not check it out!

Pre-made: At the hospital they give you little nipple ready bottles of formula, all you have to do is screw on a nipple...they are great!

Take as many if these simple bottles home with you then you might even want to think about buying more for the first week or two! They are 2 ounces each and perfect for the many many feedings you will be trying to get used to doing at all hours.

They are more expensive but some times you have to think about convenience!

Coupons: Once you know which formula works best for you go online and sign up for their mailing list, give you email address and home address! I get coupons online and in the mail from Similac regularly and they are big $5.00 off each!

  • Bottles: Buy enough bottles and nipples so that you don't have to wash them but once or twice a day! I like the Playtex bottles with liners. You will also need a dishwasher basket!

To Go: Okay so this may be my best advice! When I get ready to leave the house I make up a bottle with everything but the water. You put the liner in the bottle with the amount of formula your baby is drinking and then put the nipple on with a lid. Then you take a water bottle (I use a bike water bottle) and fill it with your home water. Doing it this way I found is so much easier than using those little formula dispensing containers and much cheaper than using the "to go" products the formula companies make. You can even make it pretty warm/hot water if it will be a while until your baby is due for feeding, then it will be just right and not to chilled when the cutie pie is hungry! This was really important for Jackson because he would get tummy aches if I switched water on him. If you are going away for a couple days you can pick up gallons of distilled water when you get to your destination. Make sure you use distilled not spring if your child is water sensitive like mine!

I would love to hear your tips, tricks and products too...please share!


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