Bumbo vs. Bebe Pod

**Okay I first would like to say that I am not being paid by either company! I am so not a cool enough blogger yet to have someone offer to pay me for anything! **

So this all started because a friend of mine registered for a Bebe Pod when she had her 1st baby and I just happened to get it for her. So when I registered I did the same.

This is the Pod...

If you don't know this about me already here goes I am very blunt! I hated it! Jackson could not even sit up in it, it's slippery. He would fall to one side and want out.

I kept seeing all of these blogger mom's that Bumbo seats and they looked like they used them a lot, they always were in their Bumbo in pictures. So today I took my Bebe Pod to Once Upon a Child and sold it for $13.50 then I went to Target and got a Bumbo and paid $37.89 and it was worth every penny!

This is the BUMBO!

So if your asking me this is the only way to go! Jackson LOVES it! No problems sliding or anything. They were out of the trays that fit on it so I think I will order one on Amazon.

Just a little sidebar I love to SHOP! If you don't order stuff from Amazon you should, I get everything on Amazon! If it is something you can wash or if you don't care you can even get great deals on used stuff, they ship really quickly too! Also I mentioned Once Upon a Child, if you have one in your area check it out. I never pay full price for Jack's clothes but he has tons of really nice name brand stuff that I get for super cheap at OUAC. It's fun you can buy more because it is cheaper and you can sell your old stuff!

Tell me what you think! Do you have one or the other? Or do you have something else? I would love to hear about anything that you have discovered!

Happy Shopping!


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