7 Months Old!

Dear Jackson,
Today is July 12, 2009 and you are 7 months old! I know you are probably tired of hearing this but I can't believe it you are growing so fast! I love you more every single day, when you were born I didn't know how I could love you so much and now I know that my love will just get stronger everyday.
This week has been an eventful week.......first of all we think you said your first word...."LADY" (our boxer) we are not surprised because we always have to say "Lady stop licking Jack! Lady ENOUGH!" about a million times a day. But you LOVE her! Y0u just looked at her and said "yad...yad...YADY"! WOW I can't believe it!
Secondly, had your first fall. You were laying on the couch playing with Lex and I turned around for a split second and you were on the floor. You landed on a blanket that was wadded up and only fell about a foot but you fell on your head and so I called the doctor right away ans took you in immediately. You were absolutely fine but I have never been so scared in my whole life. I was strong and held it together when it happened and just hugged you and looked you over but as soon as I got in the car to go to the doctor I lost it and I balled all the way there! I could not imagine if anything happened to you!
Lastly, you are having a very hard time going to sleep this week. It has been taking me an hour to get you to bed at night and naps forget about it! You are growing up and I guess I better get used to sleepless nights and bumps and bruises!
Let's see since I posted on your 5 month birthday.....
  • You now weigh 18.6lbs and you are very long! (I will measure you soon, you are asleep now)
  • You are eating fruit and oatmeal...NO VEGGIES you gag every time I try any veggie!
  • You are sitting up on your own although you do tip over sometimes.
  • You sleep from about 8:00 pm to 5:30 or 6:00 am and then you come in bed with me and go to sleep for a while. Mommy loves that! I hope I am not starting too bad of a habit but that is what you want and I figure you sleep so good on your own most of the night!
  • You "talk" all the time I know you can't wait to be able to really communicate with us. You are figuring out how to get by until the real talking begins. When I think you are getting hungry I say "Do you want a BaBa" and you do this little giggle and I know you want one!
  • You are a fish! You love the pool, we did a month of "swim lessons" and you loved it. We are going to Pawleys Island, SC next week and we think you are going to be in hog heaven. Koty, Grandma Mary and Grandpa Rick are going so that is just the icing on the cake...you adore all three of them.
  • Speaking of Cousins...Lex and Koty both love you soo much! You love them too but Lex is a little overwhelming for you just because she can't get enough. I keep telling you to put up with it because I am sure it won't be long until you are going to be following her everywhere and the tables will be turned besides that little girl is going to be a knockout! Koty is so good with you and he ALWAYS makes you laugh, it will be great to have him on vacation with us! Oh and I still get a daily call from Auntie Katy asking about her boy! She loves you sooooooo much!
  • Even though you are a mama's boy about certain things you have definitely turned into a Daddy's boy too. You LOVE to play with Daddy and you absolutely light up when he comes in a room! He is so good with you I think he especially loves this age.
  • You are so much fun, you keep us laughing all the time.
  • You are also a real cuddle bug you love the weekends when all of us sleep in!
  • Bath time is still your favorite time of the day...now you squeal when we take you in the bathroom and you always know that after we get you out and wrapped up we look in the mirror. You crank your neck around to get to the mirror and just smile! You can see in the pictures above.
  • Mommy and Daddy and the whole family love you more than words can say and I can tell even though you can't say that you love us too very much!

Happy 7 months baby boy!!!

I love you higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean and that never ends!



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