Have you ever noticed that the days you plan out to spend with your loved ones are okay but the unplanned days really end up being the special ones?  Saturday Jackson had his first "swim class"  Justin ended up swimming with him because I wasn't feeling well and they had a great time!!!  After the swimming we went to a local suburbs downtown, they have a farmers market every Saturday morning.  I was great the weather was perfect, I asked Justin what the temp read in our car an he said "it just says perfect"  he's kind of funny sometimes:)  We walked around for a while, bought some goodies and then layed a blanket out under the trees!  We both commented that it was so relaxing and we really enjoyed/needed it!  Jackson loved it, he is really a water and outside boy!  I hope you have a great unplanned day with your family real soon!






I love them so much!!!!



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