More Power to Ya!

I'm TIRED!  I was driving home yesterday from an 8 hour day of work after picking up Jackson from my mom's house and I was thinking......  I don't know how those of you that work full time outside of the home and have children do it!  I know it sometimes is a choice and sometimes a necessity but either way more power to ya!  I can hardly handle working my 3 days a week.  I should add that I feel like shitdon't feel very good and Justin is out of town on business so that always makes things seem worse!

I do have to say that I have the best little boy in the world, he makes it all worth it!  He is being so good!  Finally eating solids like a champ, sleeping well and just being as cute as can be!  I have been slacking on my 6 month birthday post but I will be posting that soon...with pics.

Anyway this is just a post to explain my lack of posts and to give BIG PROPS to those of you who work full time outside and inside the home!



3 little snaps said...

I think working part time is ideal. The full time at home mom thing feels like it takes over your life (at least mine) No adult time, no free time (at least when they are little) you work days AND nights. I think doing the fulltime working thing with kids would be hard too. I think all of it is rough and makes you tired when they are babies and need complete attention though...or maybe you are pregnant again :)

How I Make $300 a Day Online said...

Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this.

SFAM said...

Don't forget you always have me to hold Jackers if you need a nippy!

Abby said...

I agree with the Snap... I worked full time for a year after Owen was born. Then I worked part time for a year. I have been home fulltime for almost 4 years. I think that even though it was difficult working part time was ideal. It gave me a much needed break and adult interaction.

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