How it all started.....

I won't bore you with the gory details, I will skip to the good parts.  I met my husband Justin in May of 2001, I was busy showing horses and living with my very good friend Holly.  Justin was a total bachelor, going out with the guys every night and living in an apartment with no vacuum (if you know me you know this is a HUGE problem).  I worked as a nanny and Justin worked for a retail company in IT, my step mom (who Justin worked with) introduced us.  On our first date he picked me up and like a true gentleman he opened doors, complimented me on how I looked and even made reservations at several different restaurants and let me pick what style of cuisine I wanted.  I wasn't looking for a "relationship" nor did I think he was "my type" but he swept me off my feet and the rest is history.

We were married February 1, 2003








We bought a house that year as well as Lady, a boxer puppy.  I already had a Jack Russell named Zoe.








We traveled to places like Jamaica and Rivera Maya Mexico, bought a place at a lake near our home and grew up a little......together!  Then on our 5 year anniversary we decided it was time to have a baby.  I will never forget it we were at a Casino resort for the weekend.  We were having a drink at a little piano bar and I started talking about what vacation we would take that year and Justin said "well what if you are pregnant we won't want to go to far from home".....I jumped up, squealed and started kissing him.  People looked at me like I was nuts (that's nothing new).  Two month's later I was throwing Justin's 30 birthday party and something was not right with my body!








The most serial moment of my life was looking down at that stick at 6am one morning in April 2008.  The 2 lines appeared instantly....I woke up Justin and we called everyone we love!  Then......the puking began......I don't like to think about that too much or I feel sick again all over.  Seriously I haven't been preggers in 6 months but something like a smell or an event can trigger my memory and I feel like I could toss my cookies to this day!  Men could never carry babies, at least my husband couldn't, a cold knocks him out for a week.   Anyway after  the 3rd month it was smooth sailing!










 I loved being pregnant my 2nd and3rd trimester!  Yea, I might have been a little bitchy but you try carrying a 9 pound baby and see if you can be cheery 24/7.  I was set to be induced on Thursday 12/11/2008 , a week past my due date......and it's a good thing because the love of pregnancy was starting to wear off!  Although I did cry like a baby the day we went to the hospital because I was sad I wasn't going to be pregnant anymore.  Call me crazy but I loved having him with me all the time, imagining what it would be like when he was hear, feeling him move/kick  karate chop me.  And who am I kidding.....people are nice to you when you are pregnant!  Never the less he had to come out sometime, so at 7pm on Thursday, December 11th 2008 we checked in to the hospital.


  21 hours later and only 6 centimeters we were off to the OR...


   Another hour or so later .........dsc00093








9lbs 1oz and 21.5 inches








  The longest and happiest day of my life!

Now it's May 2009 and my baby boy is 5 months old I can hardly believe it!    Justin and I are so in love with this little handful!  The "Girls" are even adjusting.......wouldn't you say?































 So that about wraps it up....the back story that is.    From now on I will consider you my friends....your starting to get to know me right.....keep coming back I guarantee there are some funny stories to tell, I promise I will be brutally honest and not leave too many details out!

On a serious note...I am at a really good place in my life, I am so thrilled with my little family, my part time work schedule and myself as a person.  So......I want to talk about my crazy wonderful life!  I have learned so much from the blogs I read and its so nice to read about other mothers, wives, friends and crazy women.  I have laughed till I thought I would pee my pants (btw that does happen after you have a baby....even by c-section, in case no one told you) and I have cried and been amazed by these women's strength, faith and outlook.  I can't promise anything amazing but I will have fun!

Stacy 5/15/2009


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