Can my baby boy really be 5 Months old??


12/13/2008 Brand Spankin New!


1st Christmas 2weeks old

1st Christmas- 2 weeks old

1 Month old

1 month old


 2 Months old 1st real smile caught on camera.

2 Months old- First real smile caught on camera

3 Months old


4 Months old- first trip on Airplane, went to Florida to see Dan and Christine

 4 Months- I really love being naked!

 Now here you are at 5 months :)







Dear, Baby boy

I can't believe you are 5 months old yet it seems that I can't remember my life without you!  I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what you have been up to and how much I love you!

  • You are getting so big you weigh 16 lbs and you are 28 inches long

  • You have the prettiest (forgot boys don't like words like pretty or outfit, daddy reminds me often!) so much wonderful red hair, everyone comments on it when we are out.

  • You love the ladies!  Seriously you really break out all the smiles when women talk to you.  You are kind of a ham!

  • You adore your daddy and he is head over heals for you!  You look for him on the days I am off and he isn't in our bed.

  • On the days I have  off with you and sometimes even when I work, I put you in our bed in the morning and we both LOVE it!  you usually cuddle up and go back to sleep for a while.  When you wake up you are all smiles and giggles and I can tell you like it almost as much as I do.

  • Mommy kisses you all the time but i don't think you mind.

  • You have the BEST laugh, lately it is not hard at all to make you laugh.  Don't tell the grandma's and aunt's but I think you laugh at Mommy and Daddy the most!

  • You have the most beautiful blue eyes and the softest, fairest skin.  I can't get enough of any of it!

  • You LOVE baths, we take one almost every night.  That is a special time for you and Mommy....Daddy too sometimes!

  • You don't like solid food at all!  You won't open your mouth for anything....we are going to take a break from it and wait until you are ready!

  • You sit up very well although you can't quite do it on your own yet.  At restaurants we put you in the high chair and you think you are so cool!

  • You are a very good sleeper (I owe you for that one, it might even get you a free pass once or twice when you are a teenager) .  You sleep through the night for the most part, lately I think you have been going through a growth spurt so you have been waking up eating ad going right back to sleep.  In all honesty I really like that time in the middle of the night when the house is quiet and it is just you and me.  You usually are so sweet and do things like touch my face softly with your hand or rub my arm so sweet and gently(this is a harsh contrast to your playful times during the day when you dig your nails into my face and pull my hair).

  • You chew on everything including mommy and daddy's hands

  • Grandma Mary watches you the 3 days a week that I work.  You love playing with her and grandpa!  I am pretty sure you do some cuddling too!

  • You Nana and Grandpa Doug love you very much too as do Grandpa Mike and Grandma KC.  You are a very lucky boy with all of this family around!

  • You love to be outside!  Walks and sitting out on the patio are some of your favorite things! 

  • The dogs are so funny to you!  They love you too!  Lady goes to bed with you most nights.

  • I could go on and on but I think that gives you an idea of what you are like at 5 months old.  Basically you are the light of me and your daddy's lives and we cherish every minute we have with you. 

I love you higher than the sky and deeper than the ocean and that never ends!


Mommy XOXO


3 little snaps said...

He is just adorable! The first is always so special!

Leah said...

Time flies!! Every moment is precious!
and MckMama skipped the Not Me's this week, but you can still participate in Toot Your Horn Tuesday! Come on by

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SFAM said...

made me teary!!!


made me teary and also mirrored my emotions and baby at 5 months

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