Season of Giving

I was thinking today about the upcoming holiday season, how excited I am for Jackson so experience it all, to see family from out of state, bake cookies and give gifts! As I thought about what I wanted my son to get from the holidays I realized how much I dislike the commercial feel that some people and the media give this season.. like it is all about gifts and products. I want my son to understand the true meaning of the holidays and understand what real giving is about! With this said I was thinking about how I could give and what cause I wanted to give to!

Through my excessive blog reading I have come across two opportunities to give this holiday season! I am not asking you to give I am just giving you an option if you are looking to give!

If you have not read or followed Matt Logelin's Blog you should, Matt lost his wife as she gave birth to their daughter. Matt is a remarkable man and a excellent father if fact I am kicking myself for not adding him to my Mom's I look up to post! Anyway definitely read his blog and if you feel so inclined you have the opportunity on the sight to give to the foundation he has started in honor of his wife!



I know I have talked about 4 Little Men and Girly Twins before! Well they need help! They are going through a hard time and I for one want to help! Read the post that I link to below to find out the whole story. Some people are criticizing her but I just a family going through a tough time I am not concerned with the gory details! But you can make your mind up for your self!

Like I said I am not asking you to give I just wanted you to know of a couple options if you were looking to give!

Happy Holidays!


Beth said...

Nice blog. The header of the blog looks stunning. Really like the season of giving. Less than 50 days left for Christmas. Start preparing. Enjoy Shopping.

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