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If you just ate lunch or are mad at your hubby for messing up the house or not helping with the kids you might want to skip this post! I am about to be a little mushy and say nice things about my husband! I know I know.....but every once and a while I get these weird butterflies in my stomach when I am around him, we have great conversations and hold hands and stuff. What's that about???

This week's topic on the Blog Hop is Favorite Photo's and I know Jackson is cute, but I thought you might be tired of seeing pics of him ALL of the i decided to mix it up!

I meet my husband 8 years ago through my Dads wife at a time when I really did not want a serious relationship at all. I was SICK of men, but I thought hey if this guy wants to take me out to dinner at a nice place what the heck......I did not think he was my "type" at all!
When he picked me up he opened the car door....then he proceeded to tell me that he made reservations at 4 different restaurants and I could choose wherever I wanted to go! When we got to dinner he complemented me and then pulled out my chair....I started thinking ummmmmm then we had great conversation on the way home I started thinking who needs a type anyway! Who would have thought that would turn into a great life together.....definitely not me!
So even with the risk of sounding a little mushy I want to show you my handsome husband!
Best Daddy EVER!

Really fun guy to vacation with....

Always up for a PARTY!!

Okay so I got that out of my I can go back to calling him my 2nd child, teasing him and complaining about what a slob and pain the ass he is!
Can't wait to see all your favorite photo's!

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Too Many Hats said...

Awww, what a great guy you have. I would have to protest and say mine is the best husband and daddy ever. I am sure that yours is the best for you and mine is the best for me though :)

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